Welcome Starseed Children

The Arrival of the Indigo Children

The Indigos originally started to show up in the late 1950s (wave 1), but most were conceived during the 1960s (wave 2) and 1970s (wave 3). One thing they regularly share, for all intents and purposes, is that their folks were the nonconformists, the primary ‘when in doubt refrain from interfering’ grown-ups, and the guardians who gave their children more opportunity than other generations. This is the reason I believe that there were ‘floods’ of Star children preceding the Indigos. Every group prepares the way for the next group.

Indigos are rebels. They are narrow-minded of shamefulness. They crush down the old customs with no care for tradition. Their central goal is to decimate what’s going on and not working (GMOs, disdain, NWO, oppression, and so on.) and to make ready for the Crystals to revamp afterward. They are the rockers, the contenders, the dissenters, the warriors. Indigos are conventionalists, hostile to war, and against governmental issues, hostile to everything. They tear down the old ways, attempt to separate the foundation of those responsible for those ways, and just raise a ruckus all for the sake of “staying the course” for mankind.

Characteristics of Indigo Children

  • Strong willed and stubborn
  • Have issues with authority
  • Often psychic, spiritually awake
  • Inspiring and not afraid of trying new things
  • Not very patient, gets frustrated a lot
  • Although they are rebels, they need understandable boundaries and structure as children
  • Usually insecure
  • Often diagnosed as ADD, ADHD because of the world’s misunderstanding of their old soul

The Crystal Children Come Forth

Crystal children started to be conceived around the 1980s to roughly 2010, however, some are, as yet, being conceived right now. There will never be extremely a conclusive time for Star Children to be conceived. They show up where and when they are expected to impact change.

The Crystals will, in general, share a physical characteristic and that will be- that a whole lot of them have enormous, iridescent eyes that nearly appear to look into your very being. My very own little girl has eyes of vague shading—some of the time they are darker, and on different occasions they are green with a tinge of indigo. They are profound and hypnotizing. At the point when she was conceived, individuals would regularly comment that she was by all accounts an ‘old soul’ and asked if I had a diagram of her I could share with them!

Crystals are unadulterated of soul and extremely associated with the earth. They are the huggers and the healers. They are in touch with their own energy. They are educators and facilitators. They have come to show empathy, resistance, tolerance, and tenderness. Their primary goal is to modify what the Indigos came to tear down. To bring a different type of world introduced at their hands, one that is all-natural, otherworldly, in balance, spotless and full of natural health. As children, they are touchy, which is the reason they may be confused with Indigos. They frequently despise clamor and technology over-burden. Some of the time they are ‘late bloomers’, which just implies that they have different methods for correspondence. Periodically they will be depicted as being ‘on the spectrum of indigo and crystal’.

Characteristics of Crystal Children

  • Are usually born to an Indigo adult
  • Sensitive, emotional
  • Their decisions are based on intuition and deep feelings
  • Usually deal with allergies and sensitivities
  • Enjoy being alone
  • Make friendships that last forever
  • Great counselors and mediators
  • Virtuoso’s
  • They are good with toddlers, animals and the handicapped
  • They like to be more comfortable than fashionable
  • Often feel overwhelmed in crowded places and need to separate from them
  • Sometimes homosexual or bisexual
  • They truly love water
  • Natural healers and have a calming energy
  • Sometimes labeled as being ‘on the spectrum’ because they are so self-sufficient

Here Come the Rainbow Babies

Right, when we are becoming acclimated to the Crystal children, along come the Rainbows. (Children of Crystals) Rainbow children’s strategy is to recuperate and re-balance humankind and the planet and repopulate the “new world” with higher vibration creatures. They can mirror our negative qualities back at us, along these lines they are truth sayers. Rainbow children are normally observed as ‘different’. There are not very many of them around right now so we will all become more acquainted with them throughout the following decades.

Rainbow children have a higher vibration than the remainder of humankind. They will be the ones who bring a neutral sexual orientation; declining to be labeled or contained. We are informed that they are ‘new spirits’, who has never embodied a human body before, yet they show up profoundly advanced. Rainbows are generally the children of Crystals, so they will have at least one parent who understands them. Be that as it may, the remainder of society, even Indigos’, will experience issues dealing with the new world that the Rainbows are introducing. There will be a ton of resistance due to their dreams and activities.

Rainbow Children Characteristics

  • Seem to be in their own world, most of the time
  • Are usually loving and generous
  • Nice, but have a strong will
  • Brave and able to walk through life’s fires well
  • Are often caretakers
  • Probably telepathic, especially as young babies and children
  • High energy all the time
  • Big eyes, a lot like Crystal children’s eyes
  • Slow to start talking, sometimes three or four years old
  • May be gender neutral
  • Don’t care how people see them

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Starseed Psychics

2 thoughts on “Welcome Starseed Children

  1. Wow! I always thought being an Aries was why I am who I am. I can’t take authority and so strong-willed, I never fit in with my family when I grew up and was seen as like an outcast. Being an Indigo child resonates with me and I feel so awakened about who I truly am now. I feel blessed about finding your page. I feel the spirits led me here to learn. My Spiritual Awakening must have begun and this is the first step.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cosmic Healing, you are an Aries, I am as well (Master Spiritwalker) WE are Indigo Starseeds which have and are growing more into light workers…it is our destiny. In fact, most Aries are Starseeds. We are also very glad you have found our site and hope we can be of assistance to you sometime. We have many services that will aid you in your awakening process….and YES, it is just beginning for you.


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