Holistic Services

We offer a range of Holistic services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Part of living a spiritual life is holistic living. Not sure what service you need? We can explain what services are right for you. Get in touch below for a free consultation before you buy!

Disclaimer: All information is for educational purpose and not intended to cure or prevent any illness.

The Holistic Doctor

Are you suffering with some illness that you are just fed up with? As Starseeds' we diagnose and heal ourselves...naturally. Master Spiritwalker is a professional holistic adviser/Native American medicine man and will listen to you about your symptoms then using a blend of intuition, medical knowledge and holistic knowledge, he will diagnose you and advise you on how to heal naturally. Your order will contain a consultation, diagnosis, prescription, holistic advise and links to purchase your prescribed products online.


Weight Loss Coach 30 day Subscription

Need to lose weight? Tired of dieting, pills, unnatural methods, having low energy, being ill? Let Master Spiritwalker adviser and guide you for 30 days on how to lose weight naturally and keep it off, using no dieting pills or unnatural ways. For 1 month, you will work directly with this natural living master to formulate a plan, prepare a goal, work toward your goal and be guided and held accountable to the plan and goal, each and every day. Guaranteed to lose weight!


Holistic Adviser 30 day subscription

We currently retain one of the most renowned Holistic Masters in the world (no joke). Master Adviser Spiritwalker has written and published over 40 books on the subjects of natural living, 1000's of articles and a handful of blog web sites on the same. He is a Native American medicine man, master Herbalist, natural living guru, Certified Medical Specialist and natural born Indigo Starseed Psychic! Let him advise you on all aspects of your life and health daily...naturally! You may also find his books here: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B008EEZ9QO


Looking For A Free Consultation Before Purchasing?

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